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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A 92-Year-Old Woman is still working at McDonald's? How cool is that?...

Hello my blogger world readers it's been a quite a while since I posted here because it's been heckled-(Whatever you may called it?) lol... But anyway I just came across this article about the older elderly 92 year old lady is still works at McDonald's! Oh yes I'm so blessed for this one, she's a very good worker also. Don't get me wrong for that? lol...

This 92-Year-Old Woman Is Still Working For McDonald's

Sara Dappen
Sara Dappen
Sara Dappen, 92, is the oldest McDonald's employee.
Local station KCCI in Story City, Iowa discovered Dappen less than two weeks after  The  Sun newspaper  in England reported that Bill Dudley, 88, of Wales was the oldest McDonald's worker in the world.
Dappen has been working at the Story City McDonald's for five years, cleaning and greeting customers.
"I thought it was more interesting to keep walking around here than to keep walking down the street," Dappen said. "And this keeps me from sitting."
According to KCCI, fellow employees said Dappen has taught them better manners and she has inspired customers.
"I think it's crazy and she's going to last to be like 110 working at McDonald's," McDonald’s department manager Elizabeth Holmes told KCCI.

Monday, July 15, 2013

George Zimmerman found NOT GULTY?! you've got to be Kidding me?!...

07.13.13 11:05pm

Well I just got a word from Standford, FL that Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman is being proved that's he is "Not Guilty" that's right because that's what my father told my mother about that when I was upstairs in my room somewhere. Maybe because I'll may want to spoke to the judge that I want the killer to be guilty; but "no" the family of George Zimmerman was crying out in the tears of joy. While the family of Trayvon Martin wasn't in the courthouse!-(I'll mean some of the people in Trayvon Martin's family was there but not the mother or the father nor his brother also.) Isn't that something?! Let's look back of Feb 26 of last year, George Zimmerman shot a 17 year old named Trayvon Martin while after going to a store to buy a bag of skittles & some iced tea (Arizona)-that is or I don't really don't know.

Well that's all I'm going to blog about today. So far I'll keep hearing about this same ole' topic everyday about Trayvon Martin every single to day so far it's like CARZY!!! but if you have any questions or comments or your thoughts about George Zimmerman whenever you want to put back in jail or you want to Mr. Zimmerman to get community service, just leave at the comments section box below: or you can reached me at:

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

To Paula Deen & To Trayvon Martin's Case

Hello my blogger world readers & happy 1st week of July everyone now to start off whats happening for the last couple of weeks, I want to start off something fresh & simple. First off we want to say about Paula Deen's the "N" word in the middle of June. To the late Trayvon Martin's Case who was gunned down in FL of last year. Now the trial still continues because I'm waiting for George Zimmerman to plea guilty or not guilty that's the question here. Well you see those two of them need some serious help because you know why? 'Cause they got a lot of devlish stuff thats happing to thier minds & in thier hearts. But I can tell you one thing that Paula Deen with her southerend accent & all of her cookbooks she sure does make us a home cook meals for everyone to enjoy.

Now for Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman well I want for him to go to jail because you know why? here's the thing he's too know what? Evil & he can go jail & spend 5 years doing community services like in the porgam that's my point of view.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

BRAKEING NEWS: Paris Jackson has been Rushed to the Hospital for a Suicide Attempt!

Hello my blogger world readers/peeps & I've a serious BREAKING NEWS to tell you what happen Michael Jackson's only girl Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson was rushed into the hospital for a SUICIDE ATTEMPT! Yes that's right it's so crazy I just heard that on TMZ that Paris just threw a hussy fit last night because she can't go to a Marilyn Manson concert. Here's some more informantion about the SUICIDE ATTEMPT:


Paris Jackson
Possible Suicide Attempt
Rushed to Hospital
5:19 PM PT -- Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the MJ Estate, tells TMZ, "Co-Executors John Branca and John McClain wish to extend their heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Paris Jackson during this very difficult time. The Executors are fully committed to providing Paris with whatever assistance she requires in dealing with this situation and will be there for her."

1:35 PM P
-- We just posted a story ... Paris left a suicide note and cut herself with a meat cleaver. To read full story, click here.

1:30 PM PT
Police went to Debbie Rowe's ranch to speak with her today ... presumably because she's been spending a lot of time with Paris, and knows her state of mind.


12:44 PM PT --
Jackson brothers Jackie, Marlon and Tito just sent this statement to TMZ: "Thank you for the outpouring of concern and support for Paris. She is safe and doing fine. We truly appreciate you respecting our family privacy at this time."

11:33 AM PT -- Katherine Jackson
's attorney tells TMZ ... "Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention."

The lawyer, Perry Sanders, adds, "Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you."

10:28 AM PT:
TMZ has found several photos of Paris in which it appears Paris' arm has possible cutting scars. We don't know when the other was taken.


10:14 AM PST: A source connected to the family tells TMZ ... Paris "threw a fit" last night after she was told she couldn't go to a Marilyn Manson concert. We're told she ran into her room screaming and slammed the door.

10:14 AM PST: Debbie Rowe
's lawyer, Eric George, tells TMZ: "We appreciate everyone's thoughts for Paris at this time and their respect for the family's privacy."

9:51 AM PST: A source closely connected to Paris tells TMZ ... she has "tried this [a possible suicide attempt] in the past" but "this was far more serious. It was not a cry for help."


Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning, and sources tell us it was a suicide attempt.

Paris was taken out of her Calabasas family house on a stretcher at around 2 AM and taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

The 911 call came in at 1:27 AM. We're told the caller reported a possible overdose, although a source connected to the emergency response said there were multiple cuts on one of her wrists.

On Tuesday night ... Paris posted some cryptic tweets, including, "I wonder why tears are salty?" ... and "yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they're here to stay."

We're told she's doing ok.

On May 19, Paris said, "Kurt Cobain is Jesus" during a video chat with someone ... and she posted the whole exchange on Vine.

Read more:

#Pary4Paris & of course the rest of the jackson fam.

Monday, June 03, 2013

A Fla. Teacher got FIRED!!! after an Fake Illness for a year.

Hi there everyone aka my blogger world readers listen I've came across this article about something that it might comes up when I'm might get a job. But about that is why some people did the silly things when they get fired. A Fla teacher got FIRED after a faking an illness for a least a year? I mean that's so stupid:

Fla. Teacher Fired After Allegedly Faking Terminal Illness For A Year

Ashley Barker, Laurel Elementary School teacherBy Elicia Dover

A Florida first grade teacher has been suspended for allegedly lying about having a terminal disease so that she could leave school early and take extra days off.

Ashley Barker, a teacher at the Laurel Elementary School in the Polk County School District, was informed by the school board that she would be recommended for termination earlier this week. Barker, who could not be reached for comment, is appealing the board's decision and is suspended without pay in the meantime, according to a school district document. In her termination letter, obtained by ABC News, the school administrator says that the school reviewed approximately 120 emails over the course of less than a year sent by Barker saying that she and her father were terminally ill. Principal Julia Allen allowed Barker "days off and flexibility to leave early," according to the letter.

"It was later discovered that you and your father were not ill and that you had lied in the emails," Assistant Superintendent Dennis Dunn wrote to Barker. "When (Personnel Investigator Manny) Rodriguez asked you what you did during the time you did not go to work or were allowed to leave work early, you responded that you stayed home," Dunn's letter said. The letter concluded there was "just cause" for her termination.

It was not known what illness Barker allegedly claimed to be suffering from and she and her father could not be reached for comment. District spokeswoman Julie Togba would not tell ABC News how they discovered Barker was lying, but did say they had never seen anything like this in their school district.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Families & The Victums of the tornado in Oklahoma 05.20.13

Hey my blogger world peeps yesterday it was another sad day in Oklahoma the tornado death tall revised 24. Obama said from his White House 9 am Saying "Our prayer are with the people of Oklahoma." & I think that was so touching. Because yesterday/mid-evening I was wondering what's going on? with this another "Breaking News" thing on the ABC news channel? Because to me from after on Boston booming that we had in April, & all these things that's happening the some parts of the world. It almost happens every single day. Same thing with all this violence & crime. You know what? I'm just getting so sick of it! I'm waiting for the New World to come thorugh at this time at the end.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Updates on my Sickness & The Rapper from Kris Kross Chris Kelly has died so soon :-'(

Hello my blogger world peeps as I'm listening to MJ's song "I just can't stop loving you" in my head right now. I can't image the pain I feel when I was so sick on this week Wed-Fri. But I wasn't at no hospital-Thank GOD!  I'll was having a hay fever flu :-p :-o like OMG really? yeah for the past couple of days like o Wednesday I stared to get gas-blowing & after that I started to get a little fever after a little fever but then after 8pm it started to get worst. It was about 11pm when when the news broke that a rapper from Kris Kross has passed away:

Chris Kelly Dead: Kris Kross Rapper Dies At 34 (VIDEO)
Posted: | Updated: 05/03/2013 3:59 pm EDT

Chris Kelly, one-half of the 1990s rap duo Kris Kross, died Wednesday of an apparent drug overdose, The Associated Press reported. He was 34.
Kelly, who was known as "Mac Daddy," and his partner Chris Smith (a.k.a. "Daddy Mac"), were only 13 years old in 1991 when they were discovered by music producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri while performing at the Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta. Dupri's label, So So Def, signed the boys and sent them into the studio to record their first album.
Kris Kross rocketed to stardom a year later with the release of the single "Jump." The song spent eight weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, became an aerobics anthem and helped their debut album "Totally Krossed Out" go multiplatinum, CNN reported.
Soon Kris Kross was touring with pop star Michael Jackson and appearing as guests on numerous TV programs. They recorded the "Rugrats Rap" for Nickelodeon and were listed at number 90 on VH1's list of "The 100 Greatest Kid Stars."
Kris Kross became a force in fashion as well; the duo was known for wearing their clothes backward during performances and for a time many youths copied the trend. But it was the combination of their energy and mature rapping skills that earned Kris Kross a strong fan base.
Although future albums failed to match the success of "Totally Krossed Out," Kris Kross continued to make music for several years, releasing "Da Bomb" in 1993 and "Young, Rich and Dangerous" in 1996. The pair recently performed together in February for the So-So Def 20th Anniversary All-Star Concert.
Earlier this evening, Kelly was found unresponsive at his Atlanta home, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. He was transported to Atlanta Medical Center and pronounced dead.


But during that time I so sick I could even breath or a cry a thing?!..... I'm so sorry blogger world readers this blog so plz forgive me for the past few days. So now that I'm all better-pzz I'm a little horse so which means I always love to talk but I'll just have to keep my mouth shut for just a bit lol... because that's what my mom is telling me about. *Skie No!*-listening to Pink's song learn to love again I love that song.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A two Exlposions at a Boston Marathon/Bomb 04.15.13

Well hello there my blogger world peoples & it's been a kinda a rough week for me a very sad week & of course a busy week. Alright on friday I just turned 26 years old on monday it was so sad what happened that day it was a "BOMB!" yep 2 bombs happened in Boston during a Boston Marathon & it killed like 3 people including  the young 8 year old boy. & it also injured 107 people but I just heard a male Muslim doctor also got killed. (I don't really don't know for myself....)-but that what I just heard form AOL Huff-Post. Ok here's my story when I first heard the news ok when I first heard this special news report, my father was like "Telia you have to heard this report about somethings going on with Boston?!" For me I was so shocked & a little sad/depressed at the same time. Because it made me go back when I used to found out about 9/11 back when I was a freshman in HS (the 9th grade). & even back then we didn't have social media at that time lol. But anyway my heart goes out to victims & the families of the Boston Bombing. <3 ...="" strong="">

Thursday, April 04, 2013

The 2 sisters in the States attacked by the dog while door to door witnessing with the memorial invitations!

Whats up my blogger world peeps? I got a e-mail form a brother named Shayne Edson that always send me a tons e-mails that where very spiritual & well being. And I was reading this article about those 2 sisters that were living in the country-USA where being attacked by a dog while going to Door to Door witnessing for the memorial invitation campain that we just have on last tuesday march 26. I think it's so touching & so sad at the same time. That was in Tulsa but I don't know which state? :-p anyway I hope you can read this touching story:

Dog attack story: Survivors tell of their fear and their faith

By MICHAEL OVERALL World Staff Writer on Mar 24, 2013, at 1:57 AM Updated on 3/24 at 4:21 AM
Mike Harrell who shot and killed the dog that attacked two women in Tulsa last week is greeted by the daughters of one of the victims, Irene Parker — including Rhonda Thompson (left), Patsy Phillips, and Marilyn Elliott — while visiting the family Saturday at St. John Medical Center. JAMES GIBBARD / Tulsa World


Prosecutor clears Enid officer in fatal shooting

An Enid police officer fatally shot an armed man last month.

Bartlesville call center to add 100 new jobs

The company said the new workers will provide customer support as Sitel takes on a new cable entertainment and broadband services provider.

Michael Overall

A sign in the window said "Beware of Dog," but Irene Parker didn't see it.

The house next door had a sign, too. And so did the one across the street.

In this neighborhood, tucked behind the Bama Foods plant on North Lewis Avenue, dogs are a security system.

Parker was part of a citywide effort last week to reach literally every house in Tulsa with an invitation to a "Memorial of Jesus' Death," a yearly service for Jehovah's Witnesses.

"I knock on every door," she says. "The work is too important to skip anybody."

On Tuesday morning, in the 2000 block of North Lewis Place, Parker went up to a small white house with a chain-link fence around the yard.

A woman answered immediately and said something through the screen door. But at 78, Parker has trouble hearing.

The dog didn't bark. An 80-pound pit bull, it was just standing there, behind its owner.

After 40 years of going door to door, Parker didn't think twice about it.

Then the dog jumped.

The screen door flew open.

Parker landed in the yard.

Teeth ripped into her forehead.

"My face, my face," she kept thinking. "I have to protect my face."

Five feet, 4 inches tall and 119 pounds, she tried to push the dog off, but it wouldn't budge. So she turned her head and buried her face in the grass.

The dog sunk its teeth into the back of her scalp.

"I heard it take my ear off," Parker remembers. "It made a terrible sound."

She didn't scream. The dog's owner did.

Delivering an invitation two doors down the street, 43-year-old Beverly Wright came running.

The owner was waving a baseball bat. So Wright took it and swung as hard as she could.

The dog let go of Parker's head and turned around.

Wright swung again.

The dog jumped.

Irene Parker: She faces more surgery and will need a prosthetic ear.
Wright screamed.

Mike Harrell heard it two blocks away, where he works for a steel company. He keeps a loaded gun in his truck, so he jumped in and drove to the house.

One bullet stopped the attack. But by then, Parker and Wright were both soaked in blood.

The first 911 call came at 10:18 a.m.

An hour later, emergency room doctors warned Parker's family: If she lived, she would never be the same.

'To make a fuss'

On a trip to Texas, Rhonda Thompson got the call just before 11 o'clock.

"Your mom's at St. John," a cousin told her. "You need to get here ASAP."

It took four hours to drive back to Tulsa. Parker was still in surgery.

Doctors were sewing her face back together, arranging pieces of skin like a puzzle.

One ear was missing. Her eyes were swollen shut. Both hands were broken. And a ventilator kept her breathing.

"They never said it," Thompson said. "But we could tell the doctors were surprised. They didn't think she would make it."

Thompson was 6 years old when her mother started studying the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses in the 1970s.

"Her faith has been 150 percent ever since," she says. "She's never looked back."

Full-blood Cherokee, Parker grew up near Tahlequah speaking that language first, English second.

"She's very quiet and very humble," Thompson says. "She would never expect anybody to make a fuss over her. She'd be very shocked to know how many people care about her."

The waiting room was shoulder to shoulder with members of her congregation. Flowers came from as far away as California and Britain, sent by strangers.

As soon as the ventilator tube came out of her throat Wednesday morning, Parker wanted something to eat.

She asked about Wright, then told her daughter to go to her house and take out the trash.

"I don't want it to stink when I get home," she said.

'Would do anything'

Never mind that she's 35 years younger. Wright bonded with Parker as soon as they met at north Tulsa's Meadowbrook Heights congregation.

They went door to door together, often 30 hours or more a month. And on other days, they went shopping, ate lunch or just sat and talked.

"She's my partner and my sister," Wright says. "I would do anything for her."

As soon as she heard the first scream, she ran up the street, through the gate and across the yard.

"I wasn't thinking," she says. "I was reacting."

She put the dog in a headlock. And for a moment, it let go of Parker.

But Wright couldn't hold on. And the dog clamped down again.

"Give me the bat!" Wright yelled. "Give me the bat!"

After a couple of blows, the dog let go of Parker and turned around.

"I swung again and again," Wright says, "but it just kept coming at me."

She fell backward and pulled her leather jacket up over her face.

The dog bit her ear but couldn't get to her face.

"I looked down and saw him bite into my leg," she says. "And he started dragging me across the yard."

She was yelling.

"Jehovah, save me! Jehovah, save me!"

Then she heard a gunshot.

'The right place'

Another employee heard a commotion outside, and 28-year-old Harrell went to look.

Up the street, he could see people rolling around.

"We couldn't see a dog, and I thought maybe it was a domestic situation," he says. "Then we heard more screams."

Harrell has a concealed carry permit and keeps a Walther P99 in his truck. When he got to the house, he put the gun behind his back and walked up to the gate.

Parker was lying motionless near the porch. Harrell thought she was dead.

The dog was still mauling Wright. And a third woman, who turned out to be the dog's owner, was kneeling in the grass.

"She was covered head to foot in blood," Harrell says. "I thought she had been attacked, too."

He yelled to get the dog's attention. And it looked up, making eye contact.

"Then it just turned back and kept chewing on that woman's leg," he says.

"It was so frustrating because I just couldn't get the dog away from her. At that point, you want to yell every cuss word there is."

Finally, he stepped into the yard and banged on the fence. The dog turned and rushed toward him.

Harrell jumped back behind the gate and the dog crashed into it.

"Is that your dog?" he asked the woman. "Can I shoot it?"

Saturday afternoon, he came to visit Wright and Parker in the hospital.

Parker's daughter wanted to know why he asked permission before taking aim.

Harrell chuckled.

"I don't know," he said. "If she had said no, I would've done it anyway. In that moment, it just seemed like the right thing to do."

The dog turned sideways, and Harrell pointed the gun at its chest.

"I'm so proud of you," Parker told him Saturday, while she was sitting up in bed with bandages wrapped around her face and arms.

"It's no problem," he said, blushing and looking down at his shoes. "I was just in the right place at the right time."

'Not one bit'

Sitting in her own hospital room, Wright was thumbing through a Bible, looking for a certain scripture.

She found it at Psalm 119:133 - "Fix my own steps in your sayings and may no hurtful thing dominate over me."

Both arms were bandaged, and her right leg was propped up with a drainage tube coming out of it.

At first, doctors warned her that she could lose the leg. And she might still need more surgery to repair nerve damage.

For now, she's using a wheelchair. But with months of physical therapy, she hopes to walk again.

A part-time housekeeper, Wright lives with her daughter and helps take care of a 3-year-old grandson.

Leaving intensive care earlier this week, she wheeled past Parker's room and stopped to say hello.

"You're my hero," Parker said, lying in bed.

"No," Wright told her. "You're my hero."

Parker will need more surgery on her hands, and doctors will have to make a prosthetic ear.

The scars will fade but not disappear.

"As soon as I can, I want to go back into field service," going door to door, she says.

The first stop might be the 2000 block of North Lewis Place.

"I never got to leave the invitation," Parker says. "I don't have any hard feelings toward the woman."

The dog's owner will be cited for not having it neutered and for not having a city license, officials said. But she won't face other charges.

"I hope she will come to a meeting with me and study the Bible with us," Parker says. "It's very important."

She hasn't changed at all, her daughter says.

"Not one bit."

Irene Parker fund

To help cover hospital bills, family members have set up the Irene Parker Medical Fund, c/o Bank of Oklahoma, P.O. Box 2300, Tulsa, OK 74172. Checks can also be dropped off at any BOK location.

Plans to set up a medical fund for Beverly Wright are under way.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"After all those years you're still looking young in your youthful years"

Hello there my blogger world peeps it's me once again you know last week I was so sick but I'll ain't going to tell you about the details. But listen I wanna to talk/blog about something that has come up something in my mind that I wanna share for a lifetime is called-you know what? "After all these years you're still looking young in your youthful years" Now for me I'm just getting sick & tired of *sike* I'm just jocking I'll ain't going to clamping at all, but I'm just saying though. Like a lot of people telling me that how old I'm? like? *Oh my...* You know while I was at the doctor's yesterday & She was nice an older lady like almost in her late 40s or early 50s & she has box braids she told me how old that I was, & I said I'm 25 I'm going on 26 this month & She was like oh you look like a little girl! Which was really puts a smile on my face! :-) You know what I always get that form a lot of people & even also the young people as well but to me I don't really see the most of the young people that gotta be short all the time like I always see them tall & also just wanna be try normal-that's my way of thinking. But I've some of the friends that are short & also tall most of them are tiny. Like for me I just wish that I can be just real tall like a normal business woman. But thats what I've to do what I gotta do you know what I'm saying? like I've some of the people in my family even my parents are short. But my younger non-verbal brother he's about 6 feet tall & he has to wear a size 13 shoe. That's why I'm enjoy my youth until I'll will be ready in the new system. And just let some of the people just passed you by walking down the street just looking at them at my youthful face & just tell them the same thing "I'am enjoying my youth!"  & I tell that older lady at the doctors office "I guess thats what everybody says!" when I always be saying when I was at the doctors office yesterday.


Monday, March 11, 2013

6 Teens got Killed in a Car Crash in Youngstown, Ohio!!!

Hello my blogger world peepz on this 3rd week of March I'm glad y'all blogger readers are doing ok because I'm trying to keep myself busy you know after my father uncle's funeral last week I'm keeping myself forces you know? I just got on the internet this morning & it was a car crash in Youngstown, Ohio I'm not to familiar with the state Ohio though but I know the Rock & Roll hall of fame is in Cleavland, Ohio. But that's all I know though so anyway I was so shocked and sadden at the same time because they're so young people who've their lives changed so far away form their adulthood. My heart & prayers go out to their families & their siblings while they're coping with their sadness & their sorrow ahead.

In Ohio, Town Mourns Death Of Six Teens Killed In Crash

Friends and family of the six teenagers killed in a car crash brought stuffed animals and other memorials to the site Sunday in Warren, Ohio.
Scott R. Galvin/AP
Friends and family of the six teenagers killed in a car crash brought stuffed animals and other memorials to the site Sunday in Warren, Ohio.
Friends and family of the six teenagers killed in a car crash brought stuffed animals and other memorials to the site Sunday in Warren, Ohio.
Scott R. Galvin/AP
Warren, Ohio, is in mourning after the deaths of six teenagers who died Sunday when the SUV they were in ran off a highway, flipped over a guardrail and landed in a small pond.
"It's going to be a rough week, a rough rest of the school year," said Michael Notar, Warren school superintendent, as NBC News reports.
From Youngstown, Ohio, The Vindicator writes that "according to the [Ohio State Highway Patrol], the Honda SUV was traveling south at a high rate of speed in a 35-mph zone before it veered left, hit a guardrail and went over the guardrail and into a small pond on the east side of the road at approximately 6:50 a.m. Sunday."
There were eight teenagers in the vehicle — seven boys and the driver, a 19-year-old girl. The boys' ages ranged from 14 to 18. The two boys who survived are both 15 years old.
Authorities, according to The Vindicator, are awaiting the results of toxicology tests to determine if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash.
CBS News reports that State Highway Patrol Lt. Brian Holt said the vehicle, owned by a resident of Youngstown, had been taken without the owner's permission. It adds that:
"Officials opened a school where several of the victims attended to provide counseling for families Sunday night. Superintendent Michael Notar called the crowded closed-door session heartbreaking and said counselors would be available Monday in schools. ...
"[At the crash site] a pile of blue, green and copper-red stuffed bears grew at a makeshift memorial."



Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Gallon Samshing Prank on Youtube is that Good Ideal or a Bad Ideal for Teens?

Hey there my blogger world peepz well I know I'm late for this but my father's uncle passed away last tuesday & the funeral is tmorrow but I'm not going though because I've to wacth my younger borther who is really sick so this week for me is kinda slow. But I've to keep it moving thats all....
For me well I'm in the poressing of looking for a job & also just trying to keep it on track. So anyway back on the point here. Last week or something like that my father was looking at "Inside Edition" about whats going on on the youtube world today & he keep saying "THAT'S SO STUPID" & just about yesterday I GOOGLE it up it's a new prank called "GALLON SMASHING" Prank. It all started when this 3 young pranksters in the VA & I guess it became an over night. Now it seems to me that how people can put into peer pressure like that?? I mean come on now like I won't even to do such a thing like that. But you know some of the teens just wanna have fun. Like I meant for the fun of it. Like I'm only an adult & I'm short -to put of you this way.

‘Gallon Smashing’ Prank Videos a Hit but Raise Legal Concerns

By ABC News
Feb 28, 2013 8:52am
ABC News’ John Muller reports:
A video that shows three teens pretending to fall in a supermarket, spilling the gallons of milk they are carrying, has become a hit on the Internet.
Dubbed “gallon smashing,” the prank has done well online but might have legal implications.
In the original video, the three Vienna, Va., teens – Zayd, Faysal and Omar Khatib – film themselves carrying milk containers in supermarkets. They pretend to trip and fall, sending the gallons of milk crashing to the floor, with dramatic results. Supermarket workers and shoppers who don’t know it’s part of a prank rush to help the seemingly injured boys as they flail about in the spilled milk.
The teens – two brothers and their cousin – consider themselves actors and have their own YouTube channel, theCHAIZYchannel, where they say, “We’ve always been pranksters. But on December 10th 2011 we decided to start getting our pranks on camera.”
Their other prank videos include one showing their lying down in odd poses on a moving elevator, while another shows their pretending to splash unsuspecting people with an empty bucket.
The trio told the cable show “Right This Minute” that the “gallon smashing” video was an innocent prank and no one got hurt.
But they seem to realize that gallon-smashing takes things to a whole new level.
“I don’t think we can top this. We probably won’t do anything this bad again, probably calm it down a little,” one of the boys told “Right This Minute.”
One “gallon smashing” video earned more than 3 million views on YouTube in less than a week.
Some people find it hilarious but Dana Cole, an attorney and legal analyst for ABC News, says it potentially runs afoul of the law.
“Looking at the video, it does seem a bit malicious, not so funny particularly because someone has to clean it up,” Cole said. “Based upon that, it can easily be viewed as a crime.”
The original posters’ video has been pulled from YouTube, but others have uploaded it.
An alleged copycat gallon-smashing incident in Utah this week led to disorderly conduct charges for 10 juveniles.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A lady in Phoenix, Az is a finalist in a Lays potato chip

Hi there my blogger world peeps today that just as last week I've just seen someone who is a finalist for a lays "Do me a flavor" contest in Phoenix, AZ and so I say to myself like wow how did she do that? well her flavor for lays contest is called "Chicken & Waffles" potato chips. Oh yes I think I wanna run to the "7-Elven" or "Wawa" store to try me some new flavor potato chips because I gotta have one right alway.

Phoenix woman a finalist in Lay’s potato chip flavor contest

The Republic | azcentral.comWed Feb 13, 2013 8:43 PM
A Phoenix woman has a chance to make snack history and win $1 million if her chicken-and-waffle flavor is picked to be the next Lay’s potato chip.
Christina Abu-Judom was named a finalist this week in the chip maker’s Do Us A Flavor contest. Her rival flavor contestants are a Wisconsin woman, who came up with cheesy garlic-bread chips, and an Illinois man, a competitive kickboxer, who suggested a spicy Sriracha flavor.
Abu-Judom said the flavor was one of about 30 she entered into the online contest. Her first few entries were less exotic: feta, cilantro, basil. But she got inspired to suggest chicken and waffles, a meal she first tried after moving to Arizona and eating at Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles, a restaurant in south-central Phoenix that, as the name indicates, specializes in the traditionally Southern dish.
She said the pairing is still not known in her home state of Wisconsin. “Why is it so hard to believe?” she said Wednesday. “You eat waffles with bacon and sausage. Why not chicken?”
Abu-Judom, 34, said she hopes the contest will at least get more people interested in trying the dish.
That was also the sentiment of Larry White, the nicknamed namesake of Lo-Lo’s, which opened more than a decade ago.
White said he still sees newcomers balk at the idea of chicken served with waffles and topped with syrup. “But once they have it together, they say, ‘Oh, my goodness,’” he said.
He said it is a sweet and salty day for the chicken-and-waffles movement. He hopes that, one day, the dish will be as ubiquitous as steak and eggs.
White, whose grandmother owns the Phoenix soul-food institution Mrs. White’s Golden Rule Cafe, opened his original restaurant at Central Avenue and Yuma Street in 2002.
A second location opened in a south Scottsdale strip mall in 2009.
The restaurant has become a Valley favorite, garnering rave reviews and being featured on national cooking shows.
Former Phoenix Suns star Charles Barkley sang the praises of Lo-Lo’s during a national cable broadcast from Phoenix and chowed down on some catered Lo-Lo’s, sharing it with his fellow NBA analysts.
White said Wednesday that he hadn’t yet tried the potato chips but was interested. “Nothing’s going to be like the original,” he said. “But it’ll get you ready for the main meal when you get here.”
Abu-Judom didn’t have to submit a spice, just the idea for one. Frito-Lay’s flavor wizards manufactured the three styles of chips and put them on grocery stores for a limited time, beginning Tuesday. Voting is on the company’s Facebook page through May 4.
Voters can see how their favored flavored chip is performing in the contest, but not the rivals.
Because she doesn’t want to give votes to her competition, Abu-Judom can only see that she’s doing well in Arizona, Texas and Florida.
Abu-Judom works for New Pathways for Youth, a mentoring non-profit. She has spent much of her career in the non-profit world.
“There’s so much I could do with that,” she said of the possible $1million prize. She is guaranteed at least $50,000 for making it to the finals.
“You work in the non-profit sector, you do it because you love it. You definitely aren’t doing it for the money,” she said. “What you do for money is come up with flavors for potato chips.”


Here's a news video clip of ABC13 news in AZ where they interview her on 02/13/13 and not only that her son who is 13 years old make that flavor of Chicken & Waffle potato chips.