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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Gallon Samshing Prank on Youtube is that Good Ideal or a Bad Ideal for Teens?

Hey there my blogger world peepz well I know I'm late for this but my father's uncle passed away last tuesday & the funeral is tmorrow but I'm not going though because I've to wacth my younger borther who is really sick so this week for me is kinda slow. But I've to keep it moving thats all....
For me well I'm in the poressing of looking for a job & also just trying to keep it on track. So anyway back on the point here. Last week or something like that my father was looking at "Inside Edition" about whats going on on the youtube world today & he keep saying "THAT'S SO STUPID" & just about yesterday I GOOGLE it up it's a new prank called "GALLON SMASHING" Prank. It all started when this 3 young pranksters in the VA & I guess it became an over night. Now it seems to me that how people can put into peer pressure like that?? I mean come on now like I won't even to do such a thing like that. But you know some of the teens just wanna have fun. Like I meant for the fun of it. Like I'm only an adult & I'm short -to put of you this way.

‘Gallon Smashing’ Prank Videos a Hit but Raise Legal Concerns

By ABC News
Feb 28, 2013 8:52am
ABC News’ John Muller reports:
A video that shows three teens pretending to fall in a supermarket, spilling the gallons of milk they are carrying, has become a hit on the Internet.
Dubbed “gallon smashing,” the prank has done well online but might have legal implications.
In the original video, the three Vienna, Va., teens – Zayd, Faysal and Omar Khatib – film themselves carrying milk containers in supermarkets. They pretend to trip and fall, sending the gallons of milk crashing to the floor, with dramatic results. Supermarket workers and shoppers who don’t know it’s part of a prank rush to help the seemingly injured boys as they flail about in the spilled milk.
The teens – two brothers and their cousin – consider themselves actors and have their own YouTube channel, theCHAIZYchannel, where they say, “We’ve always been pranksters. But on December 10th 2011 we decided to start getting our pranks on camera.”
Their other prank videos include one showing their lying down in odd poses on a moving elevator, while another shows their pretending to splash unsuspecting people with an empty bucket.
The trio told the cable show “Right This Minute” that the “gallon smashing” video was an innocent prank and no one got hurt.
But they seem to realize that gallon-smashing takes things to a whole new level.
“I don’t think we can top this. We probably won’t do anything this bad again, probably calm it down a little,” one of the boys told “Right This Minute.”
One “gallon smashing” video earned more than 3 million views on YouTube in less than a week.
Some people find it hilarious but Dana Cole, an attorney and legal analyst for ABC News, says it potentially runs afoul of the law.
“Looking at the video, it does seem a bit malicious, not so funny particularly because someone has to clean it up,” Cole said. “Based upon that, it can easily be viewed as a crime.”
The original posters’ video has been pulled from YouTube, but others have uploaded it.
An alleged copycat gallon-smashing incident in Utah this week led to disorderly conduct charges for 10 juveniles.


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