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Monday, July 15, 2013

George Zimmerman found NOT GULTY?! you've got to be Kidding me?!...

07.13.13 11:05pm

Well I just got a word from Standford, FL that Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman is being proved that's he is "Not Guilty" that's right because that's what my father told my mother about that when I was upstairs in my room somewhere. Maybe because I'll may want to spoke to the judge that I want the killer to be guilty; but "no" the family of George Zimmerman was crying out in the tears of joy. While the family of Trayvon Martin wasn't in the courthouse!-(I'll mean some of the people in Trayvon Martin's family was there but not the mother or the father nor his brother also.) Isn't that something?! Let's look back of Feb 26 of last year, George Zimmerman shot a 17 year old named Trayvon Martin while after going to a store to buy a bag of skittles & some iced tea (Arizona)-that is or I don't really don't know.

Well that's all I'm going to blog about today. So far I'll keep hearing about this same ole' topic everyday about Trayvon Martin every single to day so far it's like CARZY!!! but if you have any questions or comments or your thoughts about George Zimmerman whenever you want to put back in jail or you want to Mr. Zimmerman to get community service, just leave at the comments section box below: or you can reached me at:

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