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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Blog of Telia B: The Year in Reveiw of 2012!!!

Hello my blogger world peepz & it's that time of the end of the year folks yes it's the end of the year. Now let's take a look back for the top stories of 2012. Now get your memory caps ready let's go!:

1. Beyonce' with her Blue Ivy: Yes the start of the year of 2012 comes with Beyonce's bundle of joy yes that's right with her baby girl name Blue Ivy.

2. Whitney Houston's sudden death:  On Sat Feb 11th before her Grammy Pre-party with her longtime manger Clive Davis. That also have many talked about Ms. Whitney Houston died in a bathtub drowning overdose! I mean to me she was the best female singer of all-time I mean can't believe it.

3. Kim & Kayne West a couple? : Well the most lovable couple of 2012 is Kim Kardashain & Kayne West! now how cool is that? I don't think so? well I hope that they is not walking down into no aisle in 2013 pretty soon.

4. The Honey Boo-Boo year of the boo-boo: Yes I really don't even wacth that show because I can't afford no cable LoL ;-p. But anyway I heard that a lot of people just to say hey "I don't like the show too much!" or "I really do hate Honey Boo-Boo!" like come on. For me I think she has grow up to fast. Or to say that I think she needs some more education that's what I'm trying to say here.

5. The Boys of 1D: Oh yeah how much I love them so much & now one of the members of 1D is with Taylor Swift awww <3 .="." font="font">

6. The annoying Call-Me-Maybe song: No too me I kinda like that song & it's playing in my head right now. Carly Rae Jensen is not your average female pop singer of 2012 but she's like Justin Beiber form CANADA! while her song playing for top 40s/pop stations/lite stations it's like come on now? Well on Dick Clarks NewYears Rockin Eve I might going to sing it for one last time.


7. Oppa Gangman Style: Now at first it was like oh man this is so silly I don't kown if I can do it or not? But now it's so easy that you can do by yourslef without nobody is wacthing you lol. I'm just saying to myslef "Any body can do it!" It's like a horse right? ahaha.

8. Mariah Carey Vs. Nicki Mianj on Amercian Idol: Now during the summer of 2012 it was like a battle of the divas. I mean it was so carzy that Mariah just wins in like a sec.


9. The Colorado movie theater massacre: In July of 2012 when I first heard it was like what is going on here? I mean it was so crazy going to the movie theaters to see the Dark-Knight Rises & all of the sudden you hear some gun shots/gun powder hopefully that guy is in prison. Left 14 people dead & some of them injured  

10. Newtown, CT Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre: Oh yes it was a sad month it just happens about 2 weeks ago on this day Fri Dec 14th. Like I said right here "I mean what is going on? I just stare at the news like all of the sudden all of the kids and the teachers/staff got killed. Even the gunman killed his mom and himslef after he killed the kids and the teachers/staff.
So there you have my blogger world peepz my top 10 stories/moments of the year in 2012. I hope y'all have a great 2013 ahead of you & try to think positive & do the right thing. Now I wanna heard from you blogger readers in comments section what is your best & worst moments of 2012? I can't wait to hear it form y'all. Have a good-new year now!

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