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Hello there everybody my name is Telia S Battle. I'm 26 years old. I'll love to read books because I'm a bookworm for the day I was born. I also love to do my blog, (but I usely don't be on my blog that much ...because I'm busy doing other stuff) I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't get no tattoos, I don't get no body percings. I don't hang out to no nightclubs/parties/Go-Go Bars. Because I'm a clean person & I'm going to stay that way! But I just hang out to the special gatherings-going away parties/bbq's-picnic's. I'm a very quiet friendly person. I love to meet new people. I'm single & loving it right about now which means I'll not married I've to wait I'm not trying to rush into marriage! And I'll don't have no kids right about now because I've to wait as well even though I love kids, but not right now.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A two Exlposions at a Boston Marathon/Bomb 04.15.13

Well hello there my blogger world peoples & it's been a kinda a rough week for me a very sad week & of course a busy week. Alright on friday I just turned 26 years old on monday it was so sad what happened that day it was a "BOMB!" yep 2 bombs happened in Boston during a Boston Marathon & it killed like 3 people including  the young 8 year old boy. & it also injured 107 people but I just heard a male Muslim doctor also got killed. (I don't really don't know for myself....)-but that what I just heard form AOL Huff-Post. Ok here's my story when I first heard the news ok when I first heard this special news report, my father was like "Telia you have to heard this report about somethings going on with Boston?!" For me I was so shocked & a little sad/depressed at the same time. Because it made me go back when I used to found out about 9/11 back when I was a freshman in HS (the 9th grade). & even back then we didn't have social media at that time lol. But anyway my heart goes out to victims & the families of the Boston Bombing. <3 ...="" strong="">

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