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Hello there everybody my name is Telia S Battle. I'm 26 years old. I'll love to read books because I'm a bookworm for the day I was born. I also love to do my blog, (but I usely don't be on my blog that much ...because I'm busy doing other stuff) I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't get no tattoos, I don't get no body percings. I don't hang out to no nightclubs/parties/Go-Go Bars. Because I'm a clean person & I'm going to stay that way! But I just hang out to the special gatherings-going away parties/bbq's-picnic's. I'm a very quiet friendly person. I love to meet new people. I'm single & loving it right about now which means I'll not married I've to wait I'm not trying to rush into marriage! And I'll don't have no kids right about now because I've to wait as well even though I love kids, but not right now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

UPDATE: I wanna add some Pop Culture to my BLOG!!!

Hey there blogger world it's me again you girl.... lol now listen up I'm always try to stay busy with my life.... lol let me tell you anyway this that now only I will post some of the current events on my blog, but I will post some of my pop culture events to my blog... lol THAT'S RIGHT my pop culture added into my blog starting Nov 1 I'm going to add my pop culture current events to my blog so anyway I'm hope you having a great week in the middle of Oct. unitl then *peace!*